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Wayne County Government Day

On April 17, the members of the Junior and Senior classes attended Wayne County Government Day. The students got to see government in action while also learning about the various offices that are found in the courthouse and the jobs they complete. 

Our day started with attending court sessions in the county courthouse. After a brief introduction from Judge Stoffer, the students got to see Judge Stoffer conduct court business and showcase how the system handles a variety of legal cases. The students were very appreciative of being able to witness the court in action, and gain an understanding of how our legal system functions at the county level. After sitting in on court, members from the different offices met with the students to discuss what types of business each office conducted. This interaction proved beneficial for the students to understand the many different reasons that they would have to visit the courthouse for, and which office they would visit. 

While our day started with learning about the court and the offices in the courthouse, we also got to hear from members of the Wayne County Sheriff's office and the Nebraska State Patrol. A highlight for many of the students was watching the Nebraska State Patrol work with his K9. Students learned a lot from both offices and many gained insight into how difficult the job is for members of the county sheriff and state patrol.

The day ended with a talk from the Nebraska National Guard and discussing how much a person can benefit from being a member of the National Guard. The National Guard highlighted how the many skills that can be gained in the National Guard can be used in the everyday lives that many members have.