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Helen Schumacher
English Language Arts
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Helen M. Schumacher (Ms. Schu)

Stanton, NE

Undergrad-Wayne State, Grad Studies-UNK

Current Degree/Diplomas/Special Endorsements:
7-12 English Certification & BA in Business Administration

Hobbies/Sports/Special Interests:
Since I spent much of my younger years in Waikiki, HI, I love water and being outside. One would think that after twenty years in Nebraska, I’d get over it, but I still detest snow. As all English teachers say, I reading, theatre, learning and pushing my limits by trying new things. My favorite past time; however, is playing with my little boy, Elijah, and our cats and dogs.

Please tell us about yourself and your family:
I grew up in Stanton, NE. Graduated from Wayne State College and started teaching in 2014. I have a son named, Elijah. He’s going to be a kindergartener next year. My love of learning, theatre and exploring lead me to become a teacher, and I’m beyond excited to be part of the Wildcat family.

What is your philosophy of education?
Education is the springboard that launches our lives as productive citizens. We all can’t be football players, actors, astronauts, CEOs and mathematicians. Let’s face it, I’m never going to be able to calculate the rate at which a shooting star travels, but I can share my love of Shakespeare and passion for learning and the arts. As a teacher, my job isn’t just to teach the basics of English such as Writing and Reading, but to help my students develop a deep understanding of their language, find the ability to look at literature and life from a different perspective and create a passion for exploration not just in the classroom, but one that lasts a lifetime
Albert Einstein once defined Insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” The students in today’s classrooms are the business leaders, inventors, farmers, marketers, entertainers, and labors of tomorrow world. They will be the inspiration and agents of our future. My job is to give the students in my classroom the tools they will need to be successful in our ever-changing and challenging world.




Phone: 4022864466Email: Helen SchumacherWinside Public School
203 Crawford Ave Winside Ne 68790